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Oct 24,2019

The difference between selling and renting real estate in Egypt

The difference between selling and renting real estate in Egypt

In the past few years, Egyptians have been wondering about the future of the real estate sector, whether it is going through austerity leading to its eventual demise, or whether it continues to flourish while responding to real demands; therefore, the question is whether renting real estate or selling real estate, It is the right choice for you, for the ever-growing cities of Egypt: Cairo, the administrative capital, the northern coast, Ain Sokhna and Sheikh Zayed.

Advantages of buying real estate Egypt

Many people praise the importance of buying real estate in Egypt, despite the high cost of buying the property, but some likely to buy the property according to the budget, as the prices vary from region to region, in addition to the area of ​​the property has a large role in controlling the price Property as well.
It is not uncommon to consider real estate, in terms of buying, owning, managing, renting and selling, in order to secure not only good housing, but also to increase per capita income.
It is worth mentioning that the purchase offers you many advantages, these features are the following:
1. When you buy your property, you have complete freedom to dispose of it, without interference from anyone. You can demolish a wall of the property, or change the property freely according to your desire.
2. You can control the monthly expenses, as you are not required to pay a monthly rent, as in the rent, but save some simple funds for long-term repairs, in addition to the expenses of electricity, gas and water, but you should be interested in making repairs on a regular basis and continuous , So as not to be surprised to pay a large sum of money, for these repairs.
3. Owning a property is one of the ways of investment, where you can sell by buying in another area better and finest, or you can rent this property and get money from it, as the property can increase over time.
4. Owning a property is one of the ways of stability, as it is difficult for you to move from this property to another property, other than rent, so we find that the purchase gives you and your family a sense of stability in this place.

Advantages of renting real estate Egypt
Through the rent, you can get many advantages, which make you think about rent instead of buying, these features are as follows:
1. You have the freedom to choose the right property for you in terms of finishing and decorations, where you can choose between different properties, which are spread in all areas, and these luxuries that you get in the rent is difficult to get when you buy, because it will cause high Cost price.
2. The freedom to choose the area you want to live in, as the purchase can make you have to a certain area, according to your budget.
3. You can easily move from one property to another, in case of change of place of work, or for any other reason, in contrast to the case of purchase, where it is difficult to move to any other area.
4. You do not need to pay any property tax, because you are not the owner of this property, since you can live in any area without worrying about the price, because there is no need to pay taxes.
5. Through the rent you can reduce expenses, as the price of rent is low compared to the purchase price.

Real Estate Ain Sukhna

Ain Sokhna includes a large number of tourist villages, which seek to provide the best services to customers, so we will show you the best properties in Egypt, Ain Sokhna, location and advantages.

Features of Ain Sokhna area

• Ain Sokhna is characterized by soft white sand, which is one of the reasons for attracting tourists and customers to it, with the presence of blue water, and high mountains characteristic, so called the beach paradise.
• There are a large number of trees, shrubs, rare flowers, and aromatic plants, which earn customers self-comfort, and distinctive appearance.
• Surfing, water skiing, and many other recreational sports, such as diving, sailing and other.
Apartment For Sale in Ain El Sokhna
Ain Sokhna has many distinctive areas, especially for Kilo 33 on the Suez Road and Kilo 67 on the road to Zafarana.
Spread in Ain Sokhna resorts and distinct villages, providing real estate Egypt at the most competitive prices.

Real Estate Egypt in North Coast
The North Coast region is characterized by providing the best services, during the past few years, as it has been concerned with the distinctive architectural designs of all real estate Egypt, which is located in the famous North Coast areas, such as Sidi Abdel Rahman, Sidi Barani, Ras El Hekma, El Alamein , Bathroom area, and other characteristic areas.

Life features in real estate Egypt North Coast

Real Estate Egypt in the North Coast is characterized by the provision of a large number of distinctive services, which aim to attract more customers to it, these services include:
• Parks, parks, and vast green areas are scattered throughout the North Coast.
• Schools have been established at the highest level, for all grades.
• Mosques and churches are scattered throughout the North Coast.
• Parking is available.
• There are shopping malls, providing the best global and local services, and various goods, which can be needed by customers.
• Throughout the North Coast there are sports courts, health and sports clubs, as well as a spa and gym.
• There are restaurants and cafes, seeking to provide food and drinks with a high degree of efficiency.
• Theaters and cinemas are available in the area.
• All utilities that customers may need, such as electricity, fuel and water, are also available in all properties in Egypt, located on the North Coast.
• Artificial lakes are scattered in all areas of the North Coast, which gives the region a distinct aesthetic view.
• Convenient transportation, spread all over the North Coast.
• Many new roads have been built, such as the Foca Road.
Apartments for sale in North Coast
Many people are buying Egypt properties from the North Coast area of ​​Sidi Abdel Rahman, especially in the area of ​​Kilo 25 and Kilo 27, due to the fame of this area, and its distinguished services.
It is worth mentioning that the prices of real estate in Egypt vary according to the region in which they are located, in addition to the different services they offer, and internal and external finishing spaces.
One of the best features offered by Aqarat Misr is the possibility to pay for the purchase of apartments in convenient installments over many years.
Many tourist villages on the North Coast offer Egypt real estate at affordable prices for all customers.

Real Estate Egypt New capital city

The new administrative capital is a symbol of urban development, after the idea was launched in 2015, spread over an area of ​​more than 1133 acres, and is the government solution to accommodate Egypt's ever-growing population and the expansion of urban areas.
Many people buy real estate in Egypt in the new administrative capital, because of its advantages, these advantages are as follows:
1- Prices
Unlike Cairo, the value of real estate in the new administrative capital is expected to rise, while real estate prices in Cairo will decrease, after the number of units offered in the market has risen, after the introduction of 350 thousand housing units in the administrative capital.
2. Location
The new administrative capital is strategically located near Cairo, Sokhna and Ras Sidr, in addition to being the centerpiece of everything government.
3 - Infrastructure and quality
It is a smart city, with the latest facilities, infrastructure and modern services to ensure the city is well maintained in the long term and avoid deterioration, so investing in the new administrative capital will not only mean that you are at peace, because you know that quality is great, but also means that you will get more money , Because you get higher quality at a lower price or at least a similar price.
4- Green city
Another advantage of investing in the new administrative capital is the green lifestyle, which comes with it. The administrative capital will be home to the world's largest theme park, three times larger than New York Park.
5. Demand is continuing and thriving
There is growing demand for buying in the new administrative capital, which will continue to rise in 2019, as it is a safe haven for investors and ensures that their money will not be at risk.

Real Estate Egypt New Cairo city

Given the country's recent economic conditions, Egypt suffers from high inflation that has left most people with no choice but to convert their life savings into foreign currencies or real estate assets.
Since it is extremely difficult to obtain foreign currency without restrictions, real estate has proven to be the easiest and most feasible option to invest.

Real Estate Market in New Cairo

• The point to consider is that real estate is a market that does not know comfort, in fact, it is in a state of continuous development to respond to ever-changing public needs.
This can be particularly noted by the myriad of billboards advertised in New Cairo's roads.
In addition, analysts and investors have noted a dramatic increase in the number of newly launched projects over the past two years, especially in emerging cities such as New Cairo.
A number of projects have already been delivered, including Porto New Cairo, Green Waves, Grand Heights and Mivida, bringing the total supply to 154,000 units.
• Another 3,000 units must enter the market by the end of the year, primarily catering to residents hoping to escape the hustle and bustle of downtown Cairo, choosing wider housing options and cleaner environments.

Real Estate Egypt, Sheikh Zayed

Sheikh Zayed City is one of the new cities in Giza, and is located on the outskirts of Greater Cairo, was established in 1995, on an area of ​​about 10,000 acres.
Sheikh Zayed City is one of the cities with full facilities and services, so it has received a high turnout of citizens, with a population of about 300,000 people today.
Sheikh Zayed City is located near the 6th of October City, the Pyramids Plateau, and is bordered by the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, about 28 km from the center of Cairo and can be reached through the 26th of July axis.
Sheikh Zayed City has a range of branded villas, apartments and hotels for those wishing to engage in more expensive options.

Having explained to you through this article, the difference between the sale and rental of real estate Egypt, by clarifying the advantages and disadvantages of each, with the presentation of some distinctive areas such as Ain Sokhna and the North Coast and the new administrative capital, New Cairo, Sheikh Zayed,
We hope you like this topic.