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Jun 06,2021

Il Monte Galala Ain Sokhna- Areas, prices and payment terms

Il Monte Galala Sokhna by Tatweer Misr:

Lying on the western shore of the Red Sea’s Gulf of Suez, ‘Ain El Sokhna’ or the ‘hot springs’ is ideally situated 120 km east of Cairo, extending for over 60 km on the crystalline coastline from Adabiya port in the north to Zaafarana in the south. Dubbed as Cairo’s beach for its proximity,

Il Monte Galala Ain Sokhna Location:

a delightful 90-minute drive is all it takes to uncover this sun-drenched gem, guarded by tranquil sapphire blues on one side, a proud mountainous range on the other, and a myriad of water and desert activities in between to leave you entertained 365 days a year. El Sokhna, famous for two mountains: Attaqa, and Galala, is believed to be the point from which Moses and his people crossed in their exodus. Nestled on top of Galala’s starlit mountains lies a coastal universe of architecturally inspired waterfront homes, spooning the world’s first mountain-top swimmable lagoon, tumbling down to embrace the Red Sea’s infinite views. IL MONTE GALALA is a distinct opportunity to own a world-class address in a unique location.

Il Monte Galala Sokhna Master Plan

Flowing into a landscape of natural beauty, IL MONTE GALALA spans over 2.24 million m2 to lap a pristine 1.4 km shoreline, conceiving a global universe in its own right. With an eye for excellence and a pledge for originality, the project has been aesthetically designed in partnership with world-renowned Crystal Lagoons® to transform the rugged mountain surroundings into a floating beach paradise, introducing the world’s first mountain-top crystalline lagoons rolling-out on 200,000 m2. Designed to offer an abundance of colorful experiences at different heights, IL MONTE GALALA has also collaborated with internationally acclaimed BCI Studio to offer an interactive world of retail and leisure. Wrapped in an ecologically sustainable context, while putting accessibility at its master plan’s forefront, all of IL MONTE GALALA’s zones are seamlessly interconnected by inclined elevators powered by Maspero Elevatori, in addition to intuitive paths and electric cars that add a fun and exciting flare to life.
The elemental beauty of IL MONTE GALALA’s master plan lies in one simple rule; unobscured magical views for all and unmatched mountain-top exclusivity for everyone to enjoy. Built with a timeless familiarity with its iconic surroundings, IL MONTE GALALA gently rolls vegetated hills dipped in soft morning mist to greet the Red Sea’s tranquil views; a graceful prelude to luxury living at its best. Wake up to breathtaking views of sapphire blues or simply take a dip in mountaintop lagoons, cascading to embrace the Red Sea’s
serene hues. Designed with your comfort and nature in mind, the project is carefully planned to maximise views by dividing the mountain’s rugged landscape into “Seafront”, “Mid-Level” and “High Altitude” zones, all seamlessly interconnected by flowing crystalline lagoons, flora and fauna, as well as wide and lush walk-ways.

Il Monte Galala Architecture designs:

By embracing the site’s unique sense of place and environmental sensibilities, IL MONTE GALALA has managed to create a sustainable master plan, reinforcing the idea of going green in every detail.
The project takes pride in implementing proactive sustainable initiatives that aim at conserving water, air, and energy without disrespecting the site’s natural
harmony. By partnering with Environment and Development Group (EDG) for sustainable solutions, IL MONTE GALALA’s housing units enclose vegetated rooftops, bringing water, sunshine and life to barren concrete.
Solar panels are also an integral part of the site’s planning, reinforcing the concept of renewable energy in this year-round sunny resort. Managing and reducing waste also comes as a top priority at IL MONTE GALALA, where reducing, reusing, and recycling are cornerstones that set a sustainable foundation that 
guarantees the project’s longevity.

Boasting clean contemporary lines and unadorned interiors with large glass window façades, your home at IL MONTE GALALA is designed to bring the outdoors inside by combining raw stone punctuations with wooden beams that open onto flowing landscapes for nature to unwrap its gifts all around. Combining
true luxury with highly specified comfort, all breathing spaces are seamlessly nestled into exclusive mountain-top surroundings to encompass private infinity pools, spacious jacuzzis, elegant fire places, an outdoor seating area, in addition to lush garden oases that embrace tranquil lagoons. The use of open furniture evokes a soul-soothing experience like no other, dictating a one-of-its-kind contemporary aesthetic, offering the best of mountain-top luxury living.

Il Monte Galala Sokhna Facilities and Amenities

Water has a power of its own; it soothes, refreshes, and invigorates. That’s the intention behind owning a unique
water-front address set on top of rugged mountains and flowing right into stunning 360º views of tranquil lagoons. Designed in partnership with world-renowned
Crystal Lagoons®, IL MONTE GALALA proudly boasts the world’s first mountain-top lagoon, rolling-out on 200,000 m2 to lap a pristine 11 km shoreline, creating
an idyllic year-round beach paradise.

Master-planned to challenge the conventional norms of topography, every altitude of IL MONTE GALALA stretches to lap a pristine white sandy beach, providing a one-of-its-kind floating landscape that embraces a wealth of water-sport amenities, relaxing water loungers, colorful cabanas on soothing cascades, and elegant Lagoon Club Houses.

Arts and culture are deeply weaved in the fabric of IL MONTE GALALA’s master plan, evoking a thousand tales and intimate feelings within residents who are surrounded by beauty in all directions. Boasting an impressive Art Symposium, as well as a colourful Art Walk, every little part of this coastal universe with its fascinating wall murals and nature-inspired sculptures is an open-air museum designed to intrigue and inspire. By collaborating with the world-acclaimed Fare International, IL MONTE GALALA’s Art Zone aims at bringing artists and professionals from around the globe to create new inspirational grounds that would serve as a catalyst for knowledge acquisition and circulation of art. Resident artists are encouraged to experiment with different materials and nature inspired themes where the best break-through ideas are brought to life.

IL MONTE GALALA’s Desert Park and Nature Walk is an inspiring portrayal of Egypt’s desert environment effortlessly blending the flora, fauna, wildlife and people of its arid region within one, extraordinary eco-tourism and conservation facility. By partnering with Egypt’s Environment and Development Group, IL MONTE GALALA introduces an exclusive nature-based, outdoor experience, inviting active tourism into the unexploited wilderness of its rich and inspiring desert. Wrapped in an ecologically sustainable context of low-impact and high quality, the area has been carefully designed to combine unmatched nature-inspired recreational zones with cultural and educational tours; not only aiming at enhancing homeowners’ appreciation of natural spaces, but also driving their contribution to preserve threatened trees, shrubs and animals native to the desert. Dotted with educational signs, interactive paths, kids’ nature-inspired games and relaxing spots that reflect the site’s natural heritage, the Desert Park is a fun opportunity for the whole family to connect with herds of Ibex and Gazelles, in addition to capturing the beauty of Egypt’s desert as it transforms into a bird-watching


Set off on a relaxing journey high above sea-level to discover a natural mountain-top sanctuary, with lush manicured gardens, native exotic trees and hundreds of varying types of flowers for you to admire. Take a seat on one of the many benches or under a gazebo or simply wander around the breathtaking landscape to uncover thousands of native plant communities, and allow IL MONTE GALALA’s botanical garden paths to lead you to a picture-perfect spot of the soaring mountains embracing the tranquil sea.

Mountain Top Activity:

IL MONTE GALALA’s stunningly conceived sports zone has a lively and interactive platform for residents
who wish to exercise or learn new techniques in a fun and inclusive environment perfected by the guidance of highly-qualified trainers at all times. Seamlessly interconnected by inclined elevators and intuitive paths, our cutting-edge sports zone promises a wide variety of quality indoor and outdoor courts that take in spectacular views of mountains and sea. Spoil yourself with choice from a colourful array of activities spanning across Tennis, Squash, Football or Badminton and let our professionals get you playing like a pro.

Mountain Top Education:

Nestled on top of IL Galala Mountain lies a one-of a -kind Art and Fashion School that aims at nurturing
creative talents in inspirational settings to offer world – class education in arts, design and fashion curation. By partnering with world-leading institutions and global academies in various fields, IL MONTE GALALA provides students with a dynamic, challenging and fun opportunity to acquire creative skills and knowledge, and above all, the freedom to express their talent by putting their ideas into practice while benefiting from the project’s unique facilities.

Il Monte Galala Ain Sokhna MAESTA:

Il Mote Galala Maesta – High on Life. Stunning 360 Panoramic sea ad lagoon view at the level of 210 meters above sea level.

Maesta Il Monte Galala Ain Sokhna offers fully finished sea& crystal Lagoon View units ( Stand Alone – twin house – chalets )
V1 type: Total Area of 263 m2.
V2 Type: Total Area 323 m2.
V3 Type: Total Area 376 m2.
Tw1: Area 235 m2.
Maesta Chalets starting 1 bedroom to 4 bedrooms
Areas from 91 m2 to 223 m2.
Regarding prices starting prices 2.350.000 L. E.
Highest Price: 23.606.340 L. E
Payment Terms:
5% Down Payment & 9 Years installment Plan
10% Down Payment the rest over 10 Years.

Isla Il Monte Gala Sokhna:

Revel in your own undisturbed piece of island paradise, 104 meter above sea level. Lose yourself in a sparkling living experience where each iconic loft overlooks sweeping views of translucent lagoons, inviting you to decelerate in the comfort of your own private lagoon beach. Isla il Monte Galala is where white stretches of sandy beach embrace infinite turquoise, bringing to alive a picture- perfect island life.

Isla includes chalets - lofts townhouses and stand alone villas directly on the crystal lagoons

ELara Il Monte Galala Sokhna:

Elara is a new gated community in Il Monte Galala . characterized by the spectacular views of the crystal lagoons surrounding units.

Elara Il Monte Galala Sokhna features chalets, lofts, stand alone and townhouses directly on the crystal lagoons.

Phia Il Monte Galala Sokhna:

Phia, the new gated community directly by the sea in Ein El Sokhna , features 550 units viewing either the sea or the 3200 sqm lagoon. The Phia project covers 16 acres with special underground parking and elevators throughout the compound. The units range from 1-3 bedrooms, with interiors designed by Mona Hussein and private Jacuzzis . The platforms in Phia are all elevated 9 to 60 m above sea level, guaranteeing magnificent weather in the hot season of summer. Each level has a 10 m height difference than the one before it, creating a most serene Santorini feel to the whole compound. Additionally,Phia is serviced by its club-house, its own hotel, and its exclusive beach zone

Il Monte Galala Unit Types:

Il monte Galala offers its residents various unit types

2 to 3 bedrooms Chalets for sale at IL Monte Galala Sokhna from 109 m2 to 155 m2
Duplex for sale at Il Monte Galala Starting from 155 m2
Villa for sale at Il Monte Galala Sokhna from 288m m2
twinhouse for sale at Il Monte Galala starts from 175m
Chalet for sale at Il Monte Galala prices start from: 2,500,000
Villas for sale at Il Monte Galala prices start from: 4,375,000

Installments up to 10 Years