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Oct 23,2018

Cairo Attracts Investment

Cairo, the witch of the East, is the capital of the Arab Republic of Egypt, and its most important and most beautiful city. Cairo is the largest city in the Arab Republic of Egypt in terms of real estate activity (commercial - administrative - residential - entertainment - and others) and medical, educational and industrial activity. Cairo is the largest city in the Middle East in terms of area and census. The population, and so on, all Arab and foreign peoples, as well as Egyptian, are displaced to it from other governorates, seeking investment, work, tourism, and real estate investment, which we will explain in the following: -

Cairo real estate investment

Cairo attracted investment since the beginning of the millennium, and after Cairo hosted many important economic, political, social and sporting events that made Cairo the focus of attention of the entire world, such as the tripartite summit conference between Egypt and Greece and Cyprus and the National Youth Conference, which was held more than once and Egypt hosted the 2006 African Nations Cup. Currently, 2019, Cairo University hosts the President of the United States and many others. Egypt has become the focus of attention of the Arab and foreign world, and Cairo has become attractive to foreign and Arab capitals, who have paid attention to Egypt's inherent wealth in the land of Mahrousa. In the East, those horrific investments had their impact on the movement of the economy in Cairo and the provision of many job opportunities. Therefore, Cairo opened its doors to all peoples from different countries of the world and increased demand for real estate in Cairo, especially apartments for sale in Cairo. It will review the most important and attractive areas of those looking for real estate for sale or real estate invest in the following: -

1- The new administrative capital, which is a large national project launched by the Egyptian government at the conference to support and develop the Egyptian economy in 2015, where the new administrative capital is located between the new Cairo and Ain Sukhna near the Suez Road and the regional ring road and plans to be a residential city with villas for sale for the purpose of investment, housing and apartments For sale Cairo and plans to also be the headquarters for all Egyptian governments (parliament - the Egyptian presidency - ministries - and foreign embassies) and also includes the project for the neighborhood of money and business and accordingly there will be administrative headquarters for sale and also includes an international airport and a major park (Al Nah R. Green) We will review everything about the new administrative capital with a single article.

2- The city of Jalala, which is one of the latest giant national development projects that were prescribed by President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, which includes King Salman University and tourist resorts overlooking the Red Sea and the path of Saffron which makes Jebel Jalalah, and will review the details of the city of Jalala in detail in a single article
The rest of the cities will be reviewed in a small summary

Cairo cities attract investment

* New Cairo and Sheikh Zayed top the list of those looking for investment opportunities and villas for sale in Cairo, because of their privileged location in the heart of Cairo, their proximity to major roads and their proximity to major entertainment centers such as: Cairo Festival City - Mall of Arabia, Al-Ahly Sports Club, Al-Zohour Club and educational centers such as (American University - German University (and others) and the most expensive apartments for sale in New Cairo are relatively equal to their counterparts in Sheikh Zayed