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Dec 03,2021

All new about Azailya East Heliopolis Compound

The new city of Heliopolis is a new city with a privileged location. From the north, you will find Cairo-Ismailia Desert Road, from the south you will find Madinaty and Suez Cairo Road, from the west, Sunrise, and from the east, you will find Badr City. Sodic Real Estate Development Company chose the best location in the new city of Heliopolis, as it is on the border El Shorouk City and near the new capital, Azailya Compound is a distinct compound with a unique architectural design designed by Sazzaki, the largest engineering design company in Egypt, and let us get to know Azailya Compound

Where is Azailya Sodic East Heliopolis located?

• Azailya Sodic Compound enjoys a privileged, neutral location between two of the most important roads in Egypt, the Cairo / Suez Road and the Cairo Ismailia Desert Road.

• Azailya Compound also enjoys its location directly next el El Shorouk  city and very close to the new capital

• The distance between Azailya Sodic Compound and El Shorouk City is only about 7.9 km

• The new Capital is only 15 minutes away from Azailya Sodic New Heliopolis

Fifth Settlement compounds are located only 25 minutes away from Azailya Sodic Compound

• Azailya Sodic Compound is located about 30 minutes away from Nasr City and Heliopolis

Ain Sokhna is located only 109 km from Azailya Sodic East Compound

Exclusive services and features in Azailya Sodic East Compound

• A large club with an area of 42 acres that includes many football and basketball courts, as well as tennis and squash courts

• You will find that green spaces are found everywhere in the compound, even among the residential units

• Gym between green spaces and crystal lakes to practice your sport in the middle of beautiful nature

• A large social club to spend the most enjoyable times with family and friends

• A track dedicated to jogging and another for cycling in the green spaces

• Central Park extends over an area of ??26 acres

• International schools for all educational levels

• Headquarters for banks

• A commercial mall that contains a number of brands of clothing, accessories and cosmetics

• An Islamic-style mosque that can accommodate a large number of worshipers

• Security and guard services available 24 hours

• Restaurants and cafes serving delicious food and drinks

• Children's entertainment area

• Gym, spa and jacuzzi

• BBQ area

• Artificial lakes and landscapes

• Many swimming pools are scattered geometrically throughout the compound

Master Plan for Azailya Sodic East Compound

• The New Azelia East Heliopolis Compound was built on a land area of 655 acres

• The area of the landscaping and artificial lakes in Azailya Compound amounted to about 537 acres, compared to only 118 acres for the urban space. Here we will discover the biggest advantage in Azilia Compound, which is the large number of green areas that you will find around your residential unit

• Sazzaki Company, one of the largest engineering companies in Egypt, and one of its most famous works is the design of the American University in Cairo

• The developer established Azailya compound with the same design as Sodic West Sheikh Zayed Compound

• The units of the new Azilia Sodic East Heliopolis compound varied between

• Apartments

• Villas

• Penthouse

• Townhouse

• The spaces of the units in the New Heliopolis Compound start from 120 square meters and reach 250 square meters

Prices and payment methods in Azailya Sodic Compound

Azailya Sodic prices start from 1,600,000 EGP

As for the payment methods, they are as follows

• 5% down payment

• Then 5% is paid upon receipt

• The rest is to be paid in installments over 8 years

real estate developer

•  Azailya  new  Heliopolis Compound was built by SODIC Development and Real Estate Investment, which launched about 27 residential and tourist projects in all of Egypt

• One of the examples of their projects in the city of New Cairo


• Eastown New Cairo

• One of the examples of their projects in Sheikh Zayed

• Vye Compound Sheikh Zayed

• The Estates Compound

• Beverly Hills

• New Caramel Zayed Compound

Allegria SODIC Sheikh Zayed project

• The North Coast, so they tightened

• Caesar Resort North Coast

• John North Coast Resort

And one of its most important projects is on October 6th

• Villette 6th of October project