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Nov 01,2019

All Mivida compound information and prices and everything you want to know

Everything you want to know about Mivida Compound in New Cairo
This project is one of the most prestigious residential complexes, as the buildings are designed to be interspersed with green spaces and water bodies, which are the reason for feeling comfortable and guaranteeing a better quality of life.
Mivida has become an eco-friendly community as sustainability is a constant element of residential communities by blending all that is appropriate with the surrounding environment of various means of use, to work to form an environmentally friendly community.
In Mivida you can enjoy stunning views of the distinctive green spaces, exquisitely designed gardens, walking trails, providing you with maximum privacy, with Mivida green areas estimated at 80% of the total area of ​​the compound.
In today's article we will show some information that will help you choose what is right for you.

What is Mivida
It is a complex where Spanish-style buildings are designed in a distinctive and modern style.It is an award winning project (Gold Nugget), where the unique design of Mivida is based on the preservation of the environment, which includes the presence of flowers and plants in its vibrant color and freshness.
Located in New Cairo, Mivida is complemented by the upscale environment around it, where the green nature is distinctive, with water bodies spreading everywhere.
The compound is an integrated community, where it includes modern buildings, and various services that can be needed by customers inside the compound, in the middle of green spaces with a distinct aesthetic nature.
The compound provides an integrated infrastructure, with an integrated commercial area to provide customers with the purchase of all the supplies needed by the customers, there are also international schools and medical centers, in addition to the presence of health clubs and sports.

Location of the compound
Mivida is strategically located in the heart of New Cairo, close to the American University, inside New Cairo.You can easily access Mivida through 90th Street, Ain Sokhna Road and Suez Road.

Types of residential units in Mivida
The compound contains different types of residential units, as there are apartments, administrative offices, villas, twin house, in addition to the presence of various facilities and services, through which the individual can get what they need.
The compound includes a business hotel, international schools, a central park, playgrounds and medical services, with shopping, entertainment and stadium needs.
It is worth mentioning that Mivida Compound has been divided into 25 areas, each area is characterized by its own nature, gardens and lakes, with pedestrian walkways, such as:

1- The Views Villas
• Type of Units: Villas
• Finishing Type: Semi Finished
• Spaces: from 500 to 780 square meters

2-Avenues 1 (Santa Barbara) Townhouse
• Type of Units: Townhouse
• Finishing Type: Semi Finished
Areas: 270 to 290 square meters

3 - The Crescent (Park Side Residence) Apartments
• Type of units: apartments and duplexes
• Finishing Type: Finished
Areas: 200 to 250 square meters

4 - Park Side Residence Apartments
• Type of units: Apartments
• Finishing Type: Finished
• Areas: 130 to 220 square meters

5 - Boulevard Residence Apartments
• Type of units: apartments and duplexes
• Finishing Type: Finished
• Areas: 90 to 300 square meters

6 - Avenues Residence Apartments
• Type of units: Apartments
• Finishing Type: Finished
• Areas: 90 to 200 square meters

7 - Avenues 2 Townhouse
• Type of Units: Townhouse
• Finishing Type: Finished
• Spaces: 190 square meters

8 - Gardens Residence Apartments
• Type of units: Apartments
• Finishing Type: Finished
Areas: 155 to 200 square meters

9 - Greens 5 Twin House
• Type of Units: Twin House
• Finishing Type: Semi Finished
• Spaces: 230 square meters

10 - The View Villas
• Type of Units: Villas
• Finishing Type: Semi Finished
Areas: 269 to 738 square meters

11 - Greens Villas
• Type of Units: Villas
• Finishing Type: Semi Finished
• Areas: 331 to 406 square meters

12 - Park Side Villas
• Type of units villas
• Finishing Type: Finished
• Spaces: 400 to 500 square meters

13 - Mivida Business Park Administrative
• Type of units: administrative spaces
• Finishing Type: Semi Finished
• Areas: 220 to 690 square meters

Central Park is surrounded by Twin House, with a gym, hotel, medical units, apartments, schools and administrative offices.
The area dedicated to the villas is characterized by the presence of a lake, and provides health and sports clubs, in addition to the presence of a sports complex, health and medical center, administrative units, and an integrated commercial complex.
The apartment area features an international school, a medical center, administrative units and a lake.
The area for the administrative units, includes a garage for cars, a commercial complex, and a specialized medical center, with a security center.

Area of ​​residential units in the project
• Apartment for sale in Mivida ranging from 191 m2 - 229 m2 - 230 m2 - 233 m2 - 244 m2.
• Town House for sale in Mivida New Cairo ranging from 189 sqm - 220 sqm
• Twin House for sale in Mivida Emaar ranges from 277 m2 - 285 m2 - 331 m2 - 348 m2.
• Mivida Villas for sale ranges from 331 m2 - 500 m2 - 511 m2 - 521 m2 - 738 m2 - 739 m2 - 770 m2 - 779 m2.

Prices of residential units in Mivida
The average prices of residential units in the city of New Cairo, according to the latest statistics conducted in the first half of 2019, prices start from 2 million, and thus Mivida compound with all the advantages mentioned, a distinct investment for a better and better life.
• Prices of apartments for sale in Mivida range from 3,956,888 to 7,094,888 EGP.
• Twin House prices for sale in Mivida range from 6,190,888 to 9,632,888 EGP.
• Villa prices for sale in Mivida range from 12,102,888 to 17,777,888 EGP.
So with payment facilities, the first payment is 5%, the second payment is 10%, and the rest in installments up to 6 years.

The civilized side of the apartments for sale Mivida Fifth District
• Mivida is one of the most popular residential complexes, which are very popular among individuals, and those looking for apartments for sale in Fifth Settlement, the complex has many advantages, which makes it the first destination for living and investment for many individuals.
• It is one of the finest residential complexes, built there to reduce population density in downtown areas, as it in turn led to high demand for apartments for sale in Mivida Fifth Settlement.
• This magnificent project was created by Emaar Misr, one of the real estate development giants in Egypt.It aims to achieve a healthy lifestyle and luxurious housing at the same time, thus attracting the aristocracy who are characterized by a high level of social, cultural and intellectual aspects.
• One of the most important features of the project is that it combines tranquility with all amenities and luxury, creating an attractive and charming atmosphere.

Mivida New Cairo
The developer of the Mivida project provided many services which are as follows:
1. Central Park where the owner of the project allocated a large area of ​​the compound for the central park to provide a healthy and quiet life for the residents.
2. Landscape, which is represented by more green spaces and artificial lakes, where 222 acres have been allocated for it, so that the residents enjoy the distinctive view of the scenic landscape.
3. The compound also provides integrated medical care by providing a large medical center, which includes all specialties.
4. Several international schools have been established, which provide special education services to the people of the compound in all educational stages.
5. The inside of the compound also includes a large shopping mall, which includes a lot of service facilities, which are restaurants and cafes, in addition to shops that provide a lot of distinctive brands.
6. The company executing the project also allocated a place of the compound in order to establish a sports club, which includes a lot of sports to provide maximum entertainment for customers and residents.
7. As part of the advantages and services provided by the owner of the project, the company has set up a recreational area dedicated to young children, and has been provided with many entertainment and educational tools to spend time inside the compound.

Mivida Compound New Cairo
The best features found in Mivida Compound are as follows:
• The units in the compound are designed in Spanish style for a distinctive modern style.
• The interior of the compound includes many types of flowers and plants that ensure you a healthy life free from pollution.
• The infrastructure of the project has been implemented at the highest level and with international standards.
• The internal division of the compound is connected with road lines outside the compound and easy access from the compound to many vital areas within New Cairo and vice versa.
• The strategic location of the compound has made it the focus of attention of many customers inside Egypt.
• Swimming pools, shopping center, social club, health club, sports, water fountains.

Administrative units in Mivida compound

Mivida Business Park
• Mivida Compound is located on the administrative and commercial area of ​​Business Park, which is located inside Mivida Compound in the heart of Fifth Settlement in New Cairo just steps from the Lake District, Mivida Mall, Boulevard, Medical Center,
• Mivida Business Park is designed on the latest international models, where the company MBH International designed on an area of ​​27 thousand meters enjoy the characteristics of smart buildings environmentally friendly and energy-saving and provides the highest technical services where all buildings are connected to a network of fiberglass, which allows the operation of the latest advanced technologies and achieve the uses The ideal spaces for all the owners and leased companies in its buildings, surrounded by trees and plantations that are unique to Mivida also provide Emaar underground garages, restaurants and a gym to serve the administrative area.
• Mivida Business Park ranges from 220 to 690 square meters
• Mivida Business Park prices for sale range from 45000 to 55000 pounds per square meter