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Oct 01,2019

About Cairo and what are the investment opportunities?

new cairo city is considered as one of the largest new cities which is established on the out skirts of the city to absorb population density in the great capital of cairo. this amazing city is established in 2000 to be a residential, entertainment industrial destination . new cairo city is the second largest new development in cairo the city is built over 70000 acres which is deviled into residential - commercial and industrial - the unique location of new cairo city is what distinguish it from other new cities. in addition to the fact that it's mints away nasr city - Heliopolis - maadi - katameya number of roads are connecting the city to the down town of the capital like cairo - ring road cairo - suaz road,  el mosheer axis in addition to being one hour away from coastal resort like ain sokhna . all of this made (apartments for sale in new cairo) is the most asked for between buyers and investors in cairo.

new cairo city is sub divided into first settlement - 3rd settlement -  fifth settlement new cairo city includes middle class and upper class units. one of the most famous neighbor heads of new cairo city is fifth settlement.

What are the advantages of the Fifth Settlement?

1- at the establishment of huge commercial malls such as cairo festival city - down town - point 90 - Americana plaza - concord mall - ........... ect

2- international school - chaufat school - Egyptian school - that is in addition to number of university - German university - Canadian university 

3- the fifth settlement includes number of class compound such mivida - katameya heights - katameya dunes - mountain view - lake view .........ect

4- very distinctive infra stretcher.

5- excellent designs of the residential villas and building as well as streets.

6-buying in fifth settlement is agreat investment apportioning as the price has increasing up to 20% through the last 12 months.

all thes factors have made (apartment for sale in fifth settlement ) the most search type for (apartment for sale in new cairo) average meter price is a 9500 egp/meter.

what are the best properties for sale in new cairo? 

after the fifth settlement comes in line the first settlement for it's unique location, open greenery space, being so close to police academy . compartments for in first settlement is the perfect place to find apartments for sale