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Villa 240m In White Villas, El Gouna  ,
11500000 EGP
Premium For Sale
Villa For Sale 170m,West Golf Al Gouna,
7500000 EGP
Premium For Sale
Villa For Sale 170m,West Golf Al Gouna,.
7500000 EGP
Premium For Sale
Villa 240m In White Villas, El Gouna ,..
11500000 EGP
Premium For Sale
Villa 240m In White Villas, El Gouna. ,
11500000 EGP
Premium For Sale
Villa For Sale 170m,West Golf Al Gouna,.
7500000 EGP
standard For Sale
Villa 240m In White Villas, El Gouna  ,.
11500000 EGP
standard For Sale
Villa For Sale 170m,West Golf Al Gouna,.
7500000 EGP
Premium For Sale
Villa 240m In White Villas, El Gouna  ,.
11500000 EGP
featured For Sale
Apartment For Sale 125m West Gulf Gouna.
2500000 EGP
standard For Sale
Apartment 180m In New Marina Al Gouna...
6813750 EGP
standard For Sale
Abu Tig Marina Gouna, For Sale Apartment
4000000 EGP
standard For Sale
240m Villa For Sale, White Villas Gouna.
11500000 EGP
featured For Sale
For Sale Villa 170m in West Gulf AlGoun.
7500000 EGP
Premium For Sale
Villa 950m In White Villas , Al Gouna
68000000 EGP
Premium For Sale
Oct 27,2019

Hurghada resorts for a pleasant summer holiday

Hurghada resorts for a pleasant summer holiday
Many people prefer to spend their summer vacation at Hurghada's private resorts, which make it distinct from the rest of the coastal areas, all over Egypt.

Come with us to get to know Hurghada

Hurghada is one of Egypt's best coastal cities, and many Egyptians, as well as tourists, visit its resorts.
 Hurghada along with Sharm El Sheikh is one of the most famous Egyptian tourist cities because of its privileged location as it enjoys a wonderful view of the Red Sea, and is also attractive for lovers of diving, coral reef and fishing.
 There are also many famous islands in Hurghada, such as Giftun Islands and Abu Ramada Island Shadwan Island which is famous for its resorts.
Hurghada resorts have emerged where the distinctive location of the city encouraged many developers and real estate companies to build many villages and resorts, and turned the Red Sea desert to paradise because of the resorts of Hurghada.
Among the most popular resorts are El Gouna, Sahl Hasheesh, Makadi Bay, Soma Bay, Dhow Plateau, Dow Strand, and Casablanca.
The unique advantage of Hurghada resorts is to combine the basic needs of the residents, such as shopping malls, restaurants, pharmacies and shops, as well as provide a charming atmosphere for beautiful resorts consisting of swimming pools and beaches as well as luxury places.

Designs and the possibility of residential units overlooking the blue waters of the Red Sea which is convenient to the eye.
Another advantage offered by unit developers in Hurghada is the different installment payment systems for various units, the variety of units meets the needs of different tastes, while the installment systems are suitable for different people with different incomes, in the next lines.

 We will learn more about the best Hurghada resorts
You can get the best spots of sand in Hurghada, by the coastal resorts that stretch along the coast on both sides of the city.If you are not staying in a hotel, almost all resorts offer daily access for non-guests, the experience of a truly Hurghada beach life.
After hearing these words, you must book, to spend a few nights of living, and through this article you will learn about the best resorts of Hurghada.

1- Dhow Strand Resort
• It is one of the projects of the Dow Development Company, the project is located at the beginning of the tourist park in Hurghada and overlooking the sea directly, and is also famous for its proximity to Hurghada airport.
The project has all possible services and entertainment areas, such as beach games and yacht marina. The project will also include a 5-star hotel and swimming pools throughout the resort.
• For the units the resort has two types of units, a studio area of ​​46 square meters worth a million and a half million pounds, and apartments of various sizes ranging from 60 square meters to 138 square meters, ranging between two million and six million pounds.
• The resort has two installment payment systems, either by paying 15% in advance and paying the rest over 6 years, or paying 25% in advance and paying the rest over 7 years.

2 - Casablanca resort
The resort has been developed and is close to Hurghada Airport, in addition to a number of famous landmarks such as Hurghada and Hurghada Marina.
Resort developers aim to provide landscaping as one of the best resorts in Hurghada, with 40% allotted to the building area and 60% natural landscaping.
The developer focuses on providing the highest possible level of finishes, with luxurious services such as swimming pools, children's play area, Aqua Park and Gym, as well as basic needs such as pharmacies and supermarkets.
The resort offers 3 types of units:
1 - Studio: an area of ​​35 square meters at a price of 385000 pounds.
2 - Apartments: ranging from 45 square meters to 115 square meters, and prices range from 750 thousand pounds to 2 million pounds
3 - Duplex: with a unified area of ​​215 square meters and the price of 3.65 million pounds, the resort provides a payment system where the buyer pays 30% and the remaining amount is paid over 4 years.

3. Dow Heights
Developed by the Dhow Development Company, and close to Hurghada Airport, the resort offers the privilege of providing luxuriously appointed units, with air conditioning and imported kitchen wood.
Among its outstanding services are Hurghada's first resorts including an underground car park, as well as other services such as swimming pools, restaurants, international brands and ATMs, in addition to the advantage of providing a shopping center and green spaces with an area of ​​more than 70% of the project.
Types of units in a resort
Studio: areas ranging from 47 square meters to 82 square meters at prices ranging from 800,000 pounds to 1.5 million pounds.
Apartments: Prices start from 1.5 million pounds and 3 million pounds for areas ranging from 72 square meters to 171 square meters, the payment can range from 5 to 7 years, with a deposit starting from 15% to 25%.

4 - Veranda Resort
The resort is developed by inertia, the most important feature is its own beach, swimming pools and golf cars take you to the beach, children's gardens and landscaping. The unit is received after a year and a half of the contract, the installment system includes a 10% payment on contract, 10% after 3 months and the rest over 3 years, with an average unit price of 2 million pounds.

5. The View Resort
Developed by the Egyptian Kuwait Real Estate Development Company, one of the most important features of this resort is its location in the center of Hurghada resorts.It offers large green areas, central furnishings and fast internet for each unit.The unit areas start from 34 square meters to 100 square meters, and the prices range From EGP 5.200 to EGP 6000, with different payment systems available.
- Please note that all prices mentioned in this article are for the first quarter of 2019 and subject to change, we at Property Uno try to update them regularly in our price guide.

6. Sea Resort Hurghada
Located right on the shore of the Red Sea, this 4-star resort offers air-conditioned rooms with a French balcony or window.It is surrounded by 5 outdoor pools with shaded chairs and there is an Aqua Park for children and adults.You can also enjoy free Wi-Fi.
The spacious rooms are decorated in a modern style. All rooms have satellite TV, air conditioning, mini fridge, free safety deposit box, direct telephone line, hair dryer.

7 - El Gouna Resort
Do you like to spend a pleasant vacation in the middle of the attractive nature of Bali or Maldives nature? Are you upset about your tickets and visa? Yes, you can now continue the rest of your life in a charming atmosphere in Egypt by visiting the tourist resort El Gouna.
It is considered one of the best resorts in the world and is a tourist resort to spend a wonderful resort suitable for the aristocracy, because it contains a yacht marina, and a large number of recreational and water activities, and this resort is a distance of only 450 kilometers from Cairo.
Services provided by El Gouna Resort
El Gouna Resort is keen to provide the best services to customers, and therefore provides the following services:
The resort has green spaces throughout the resort, these green spaces give the place a distinct aesthetic view.
The resort has barbecue areas.
Among the green spaces there is a cycling track.
The resort has a fitness center with the latest sports equipment.
The resort features a privileged beach.

8- Swan Lake Resort El Gouna
Swan Lake is one of the best villages and distinctive tourist resorts of Hurghada, it is located within the resort of El Gouna Sahib famous great, and has a high design in quality and elegance, about 25 kilometers north of Hurghada and is characterized by being close to the areas of Marsa, Abu Tig, and downtown area.
Services provided by Swan Lake Resort El Gouna
The resort seeks to satisfy customers by all means, and therefore has provided a range of distinctive services, which distinguishes it from various other resorts, and these services are as follows:
• The resort provides customers with residential units with distinctive designs, ranging from 80 meters to 230 meters.
• The resort includes shopping areas, containing a number of shops, in addition to the presence of many restaurants and cafes.
• The resort has a gym and a social club.
• The resort has green spaces, decorated with artificial lakes, which gives the resort a distinct aesthetic view.
 The resort has sandy beaches, with dogs house.

• A gym is available at the resort, which includes the latest equipment and sports equipment.
• The area of ​​residential chalets up to 140 square meters.

9. Mangrove Resort
Mangrove in Hurghada is one of the wonderful tourist residential projects, which feature Mangrove resort because it is close to the El Gouna area, it has a wonderful view of the sea directly, and is located south of Abu Tig Marina.
Services offered by Mangrove Resort
This resort offers many distinctive services to customers, these services are as follows:
• The resort is characterized by the vast green areas, spread throughout the compound, in addition to the presence of landscape.
• Swimming pools suitable for children and adults.
• 24-hour security is provided within the resort, in order to ensure the security of the resort.
• The compound has a commercial area, which contains many shops, which provide all the needs of customers within the resort.
• The compound has a health club and a sports club.
• The resort has private beaches, with a Club House.
• The compound provides customers with housekeeping services

10 - The View Residence Resort
The View Residence in Hurghada, the most distinctive villages in the wonderful resorts of Hurghada and is directly on the Red Sea, and is located 7 kilometers from the city of Hurghada and 5 kilometers from the airport located in Hurghada, and offers private residential units provide pleasant hotel services.

11 - British resort British
Located in the Kawthar area of ​​Hurghada, the British resort is close to New Marina and Giftun Island.It offers a number of pleasant hotel rooms to suit individuals and families.It also has a number of excellent services including gyms, fitness centers and shopping areas. Trade, leisure and water activities.
In the end, we note that there are many other good choices in different coastal areas other than Hurghada, which makes a variety of prices and real estate products to suit many segments.