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6th District

Nov 14,2019

The most important compounds and neighborhoods in of 6th October and the advantages of living in them

The most important compounds and neighborhoods in of 6th October and the advantages of living in them

First of all, you need to know about the 6th of October City
• 6th of October City was established in 1979 and is one of the most populous cities in Egypt.
• The city is divided into 12 districts, a good mix of economic housing, standard apartments and luxury villas well distributed over the entire city, which cater to everyone well.
• The creation of the city came as a rescue plan for Egypt, with the continued growth in population and fewer properties being offered to the government had to come up with an initiative to overcome the housing shortage.
• Since that time, 6 October City has become the place not only for the local population but also for expatriates and foreigners in Egypt for many reasons.
• It has its own airport that allows travelers to come and leave easily, without falling into the traffic in the city center.
• It has numerous medical entities and special educational services that ensure a high level of treatment and learning for its local population.
• It also has a lot of leading shopping and entertainment centers to keep the community busy.
• Since many developers, including investing in 6th of October City and building many luxurious and comfortable complexes, the demand for apartments for sale in 6th of October City has gradually increased.
Properties in 6th of October include a selection of apartments aimed at meeting buyers' needs and expectations such as duplexes, penthouses and studios.

 Best apartments for sale in 6 October City
• Apartments for sale in Grand Heights 6 October at the top of the list of home buyers due to reasonable prices starting from about 800,000 EGP as a result of the wonderful infrastructure of the complex and interior design as well as its location in the heart of the city
Apartments for sale in Garden Hills Compound come second, the complex crystallizes the concept of "city within a city" because it simply contains everything. Garden Hills Compound 6 October City Includes: Mosques, Hospitals, Clinics, Shopping Malls, Schools, Nursery & Club.

• Other special compounds and areas in 6th of October City that suit the budget of the simple buyer of middle class houses include apartments for sale in Neighborhoods I to VI where prices range from EGP 300,000 to EGP 600,000 on average. At about 800,000 pounds,

can also be found

apartments for sale in hay el ashgar.

• If you have more money to spend, one can think of Palm Hills projects with apartments for sale in Palm Park or properties for sale in Views or villas for sale in Golf Extension at prices starting from 1,400,000 up to 6,000,000 EGP.
• Apart from the previous part, there are common areas suitable for both middle and upper class such as apartments for sale in the distinguished neighborhood and apartments for rent in October Gardens.

For residents with a much smaller budget to work with, both developers and the government have worked together to provide affordable, high-quality residential units located throughout the city such as Sheikh Zayed City, District I and IV.
Prices of apartments for sale Garden Hills start from about 1 million pounds with a certain number of installments in installments in a period of 5 years.

• In short, 6 October City in Egypt is an all-inclusive city with all the modern and luxurious amenities that can be found in any city. Many

are available

apartments for sale with a wide range of prices that provide an equal opportunity for many residents to settle in one of Cairo's finest urban cities.
There are so many to choose from, if you are looking for apartments for sale in 6th of October City, you should find one without problem.

What features homes for sale in 6th of October City
• Provides residents with a clean, calm and healthy environment in addition to stunning views of greenery and landscapes.
Houses for sale in Mountain View iCity October are the best choice for those who dream of owning homes in a place designed to provide a high standard of living for wealthy Egyptians away from the bustling and bustling city.
• This complex has a unique location near Mall of Arabia and Shooting Club.
• It is 4 minutes away from Juhayna Square and Misr International University for Science and Technology, 10 minutes from Nile University, Novotel Hotel and 5 minutes from El Zohour Hospital.
• As for villas golf enthusiasts prefer to look for palm trees October 6 for sale, this complex includes a sprawling golf course and it contains a variety of villas uniquely designed and surrounded by greenery and landscapes, which in fact provide serenity and happiness.
Villa for sale in Palm Hills October with an average price of EGP 10,000,000.

On the other hand if you want to live in a villa overlooking the pyramids, then Pyramids Heights is sure to be your destination.
It is also the coolest choice for those looking for villas for sale in 6th of October at lower prices.
Villas for sale in Pyramids Heights with an average price of up to 3,000,000 pounds. Thus, it is considered a magnet for everyone.

Details on 6 October Compounds

Apartments for sale in Trillium
• One of the finest projects of Al-Hakim Construction and known for its large residential projects throughout the capital.
• Designed to overlook the water and green areas distributed throughout the project while maintaining the privacy of all the project units.
• The distance between buildings suitable for achieving privacy is apparent and the population density is low for the project as a whole and the proportion of buildings up to 23% of the total area of ​​the project.
• The project consists of 58 residential buildings with five different types: duplexes ground within the garden, apartment with many areas, apartments with rooms attached to the roof, commercial building, administrative building, club in the heart of the project.
• This unique compound is strategically located in the 6th of October City on an area of ​​up to 35 acres next to the compound Mountain View iCity, next to the hunting club, and seconds from Juhayna Square and Mall of Arabia.
• Project services
The project is based on providing a wonderful lifestyle, healthy and suitable for the convenience of users, where these green spaces get up to 70% of the original area of ​​the project, which provides privacy and wonderful views that work to reach comfort and recreation in a special atmosphere.
• Residential units in Trillium
Types of apartments in Trillium Compound:
Magnificent detached apartments, duplex apartments, penthouses and trillium area apartments for sale in the compound Trillium between 115 meters and 330 meters.
The residential units represent 25% of the area of ​​the compound, and characterized by modern construction methods based on German technology, which positively affects human awareness and perception to improve the quality of life in the compound.
• payment methods
The average price of one meter apartment for sale in Trillium compound is between 8800 LE to 9800 LE depending on the type of excellence.
This unit price starts from about 890,000 pounds, facilities for the payment method in advance may be reserved only 10% and installment 70% of the original price of the unit over 7 years and receipt after 3 years.

Apartments and villas compound Paradise
• Paradise Compound extends on an area of ​​up to 17 acres of residential, commercial and administrative. All residential units in Paradise 6 October are characterized by ground floor with a garden of 63 m² and many green spaces surrounding all buildings.
• Paradise Compound is located in the most beautiful place inside the October Gardens, next to the Tigris Gardens and in front of the compound called the Park, a few minutes from the neighborhood called the neighborhood of trees, Rock Eden, the global village, Dreamland, the famous media production city, and Mall of Egypt.
A few minutes away from Mall of Egypt, Dream Park, Media Production City, Cosmopolitan Village, Zewail City of Science, Ring Road, close to Zamalek Club, Subway, Fayoum Road and Oasis Road.
Spaces and prices of Paradise Compound in 6th of October
• Paradise Compound in 6th of October consists of 1200 residential units with full facilities in addition to commercial and administrative units.
• An integrated compound of all services divided into 4 phases have been delivered phase I and II and the delivery of phase III and IV.
• All apartments for sale in Paradise 6 October 85 m² 3 rooms and a reception, kitchen, bathroom and terrace price of 469,000 pounds, while the administrative and commercial units for sale in Paradise Compound October area of ​​35 m² and the price of 280,000 pounds. With facilities up to 20% down payment, 15% over 3 months, 15% after 6 months, and the rest over 48 months
• Compound services
It includes a nursery for children, a full medical health center, a shopping mall and several public parks.
In addition to specialized spaces for children and pergolas and private garages.

Apartments and villas for sale in Rock Eden Compound
• A project for a company called El Batal Group on an area of ​​up to 34 acres in Dr. Ahmed Zewail Street in 6th of October City.
• Located in the heart of 6th of October City on Ahmed Zewail Road, close to Zewail City of Science and Technology.
• Distinguished by its proximity to all services you will reach all services within minutes, 5 minutes to the ring road, 10 minutes to Dream Park, 20 minutes to Mall of Arabia.
• Rock Eden Compound in 6th of October consists of 34 acres and includes 600 apartments for sale in Rock Eden and 400 villas for sale in Rock Eden 6 October.
• Rock Eden Compound offers many services and luxuries such as garages, shopping mall, spa, nursery, medical clinics and swimming pools.

Properties for sale in Sun Capital
• One of the most important and best projects of the Arab Company for Urban Development, this compound is located on an area of ​​557 acres in the city of October 6 near the city of Zewail, 10 minutes from Sheikh Zayed City, and be directly overlooking the Pyramids of Giza.
• Sun Capital offers a wide range of services including gym, health club, garages, international schools, shopping mall, international university medical center and Fairmont Hotel branch.
• Types of units in Sun Capital Compound
Twin house with spaces starting from 290 meters.
 villas with areas starting from 380 meters.
Townhouse with spaces starting from 250 meters.
Apartments with areas ranging from 90 meters to 250 meters.
• Administrative spaces with different areas.
• Price per meter in Sun Capital for sale starts from: 10.000 LE.

Apartments for sale in Degla Palms compound
• Degla Palms is located on an area of ​​500 acres divided into 4 phases of construction, each phase in this compound is 125 acres equally by 18% residential buildings and 82% green areas and services.
• What distinguishes the Tigris Palms project from other residential projects is the full integration of services that meet the needs of the residents of the compound such as the availability of free transportation from within the compound to the nearest places for the convenience of residents and shopping malls, hypermarkets, multiple nurseries, schools for all stages of education, club Social with all its activities and many other services.
• All buildings of the first and second stage consists of ground floor + 5 existing floors and the entrances of the buildings of luxury marble, and there are garages for each building in front of it and the middle of the first and second industrial lake.
• For the third stage is composed of ground floor + 3 repeating floors, wonderful entrances to the buildings of luxury marble, and private garages under each building.
Apartment for sale in Degla Palms starts from 80 m² consisting of 2 pieces, reception, bathroom, kitchen, skylights, bedroom, children room.
• Geographic area: on the oasis road in front of Mall of Egypt and next to the Media Production City
• Prices of apartments for sale in Degla Palms start from 400.000 LE

Properties for sale in O West
The compound is located in West Cairo, on an area of ​​4.2 million square meters, in addition to being located near several major roads, making it easy to access.
Orascom Development is the largest subsidiary of Orascom Development Holding.
The apartment area in the compound is 146 square meters and consists of:
• 2 bedrooms or 3 rooms.
• 2 bathrooms.
• the kitchen.
• Recepion.
Finishing Status: Finished.
Delivery date: 3 years later.
Payment plan: The total price of an apartment for sale in O West starts from 2.400.00 by 10% down payment and installment over 7 years.

Apartments for sale in The Access Iwan
• Developer: This project belongs to Ewan Real Estate Company.
• Location: The compound is located in 6th of October City on the central axis, close to the Smart Village, in addition to the entrance to the compound in front of Hazem Hassan and New Giza.
• The area of ​​apartments for sale in Access compound is 167 square meters and consists of 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and the apartment is received half finished.
• Facilities in the compound: There is a health club, along with a commercial area, security and security 24 hours a day.
• The total price of an apartment for sale in The Access Iwan: EGP 2,400,000, with a start from 5% to 10% when contracting and the rest over 7 years in equal installments.

Apartments For Sale in October Mountain View I City
Mountain View iCity October is located in the heart of 6th of October City, 5 minutes from Juhayna Square and easily accessible from the main roads in West Cairo, on an area of ​​450 acres.
Available in Compound Mountain View I City 6 October Apartment for Sale with Area of ​​130 SQ M, Consists of (3 Bedrooms / 2 Bathrooms).
Payment plan: 10% down payment and installment of the rest of the value of the housing unit over 7 years, and you can receive 4 years