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New Capital City

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Apr 10,2021

Top 50 Piece of information you really don't know about the New Capital of Egypt

What is the new administrative capital?
The new administrative capital is the first of the fourth generation cities to be established by presidential decree, with the aim of easing the burden on the densely populated capital, Cairo. The area of ​​the new administrative capital is twice that of Singapore. The area of ​​the new administrative capital is 170,000 acres, and the population will be around 40 million by 2050.

Location: The new administrative capital gains its importance from the location of the new administrative capital, and it is worth noting that one of the most distinctive features of the new capital is its location, which has been chosen with great care, as it is located near Suez, Cairo, as well as the regional ring road, on the borders of Badr City, which is It connects Cairo and Ain Sokhna.
The Suez road that leads to the Jandali Road is considered the main road connecting to the Administrative Capital, and the 2 is considered a temporary road until the implementation of the Mohammed bin Zayed Road is completed as it is the main road.

For those looking for its address, it is located at a distance of approximately 60 kilometers, and in front of it is the future city, as well as my city, as it is close to Cairo and Ain Sokhna, and it connects it to all neighboring cities with a road network that is easy to reach.
The most important characteristic of the new administrative capital:
Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque: Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque is one of the largest mosques in the world, as it was built on an area of ​​106 acres with its distinctive architectural style, as it was built to become a unique architectural icon. It has 4 minarets and 21 domes
Canadian University in Egypt: It is the first foreign university to be built in the new administrative capital. It was built on an area of ​​30 acres. The university has tennis courts, European football, basketball
Governmental district: which includes about 18 ministerial buildings, parliamentary buildings, presidential headquarters, cabinet buildings, presidential buildings.

Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ: the largest cathedral in the Middle East, with an area of ​​about 7,500 square meters, with a church that can accommodate 1000 citizens. It contains a main yard and a papal headquarters building, in addition to a reception hall and a meeting room, as well as administrative offices.
Central Park: The new administrative capital contains a large central park. The name (Capital Park) was launched. The area of ​​the park is about 1000 acres and its length extends to more than 10 km. Capital Park is twice the size of Central Park in the United States. The first phase of the park was built on an area equivalent to seven acres.
The new administrative capital contains an international airport on an area of ​​16 km.

The city offers service cities such as a medical district - a sports city - an exhibition city - a conference center
It is worth noting that the new administrative capital project will be linked by a railway line with all the railways in the republic.
The city of arts and culture, which was built on an area
Acres, which is a colossal area, it is expected that this city will serve as a cultural center, which also includes an opera house and a music theater.
• The electric train project: The fourth phase of the third metro line associated with the implementation works of the Salam electric train project, the Administrative Capital - Tenth of Ramadan, has been completed. As efforts were intensified to complete the six stations, the completion rate was 16.5% of the total project.

The importance of the project is that it contributes to linking Greater Cairo with the administrative capital, new urban communities, industrial areas, and investor services. In addition, it helps to increase industrial, residential, and commercial growth and development through the advancement of the mass transport system.
• The length of the electric train route is 70 km, and it includes the construction of 12 stations along the route, and the work area of ​​the project itself includes 6 bridges, 2 electric train tunnels, and finally 4 car bridges in Heikstep and the entrances to the cities of Sunrise and the future.

The World Capitals Museum: The World Capitals Museum in the New Administrative Capital has completed its works completely, and this great museum is divided into two parts. The first section includes the history of the Egyptian capitals in different eras. It consists of a main hall in which the great antiquities of a number of ancient and modern Egypt capitals are displayed. The number of these capitals is about 9 capitals, namely: Memphis, Thebes, Tell Amarna, Alexandria, Fustat, Fatimid Cairo, Modern Cairo and Khedivial Cairo.
The World Capitals Museum contains a collection of collections from each historical dome separately, in order to illustrate the patterns of life in each historical period, such as decorative tools, war and fighting tools, the system of government and various correspondences.

As for the second section, which was inaugurated in April 2021, it is a section that deals with the After life world in the ancient Egyptian, and this part includes a hall for mummies and coffins.
The Capitals Museum narrates the story of Egypt's capitals, and upon entering the visitor will be greeted by the obelisk of Ramses II, then there are two basins on the north and right, one representing the papyrus flower and the other the lotus in reference to the north and south of Egypt, then the visitor will find a map engraved in the ground in the shape of the Nile River and around it the names of the cities Egyptian.
The ticket costs 80 Egyptian pounds for adults and 40 Egyptian pounds for adults.

The residential neighborhood: includes a special area for villas and another in townhouses, and it is planned that 4000 villas and houses will be built in them as follows:
The first phase: an area of ​​10 thousand acres and will include: 190 villas and 71 townhouses for sale in the New Administrative Capital. It is planned to accommodate the equivalent of 7 million people.
• The second phase: It covers an area of ​​15 thousand acres and will include: 139 villas and 50 townhouses.
• The region includes the tallest tower in Africa, with a height of 385 meters.
• The total area of ​​the project is about 195 acres.
• The project is located in the entire new capital, and all services are available in it.
• The project will be implemented within 3 years.
The volume of investments in the project amounts to 3 billion dollars.
• The detailed designs of the project are being finalized and will be completed immediately.
• The Chinese company, CSCCEC, is implementing the project in cooperation with the Egyptian contracting companies.
What are the apartment prices in the new administrative capital?
If you are wondering about the price per square meter in the New Administrative Capital, it is as follows:
• The price per meter inside the apartments in the New Administrative Capital starts from 8,500 EGP
• The price per meter inside the units provided by the Ministry of Housing starts from 11,000 EGP.
And now who are the companies involved in the implementation of the new administrative capital?
4 of the largest contracting companies in Egypt establish both the residential and the governmental neighborhood in the new administrative capital, and they are:
Talaat Mostafa - The Arab Contractors - Allam Sons - Concord - Orascom Alliance - Petrojet Contracting Company - Company
(CSCEC) Chinese
What is the residential neighborhood and what is the area of ​​the units in it?
The residential district includes about 25,000 housing units
The spaces of the units range from 100 to 180 square meters
What is the government and what does it consist of?
The government district is the district that includes more than 18 ministerial buildings, in addition to the parliament and the cabinet building, in addition to a building for the presidency.
What are the conditions for reserving apartments in the New Administrative Capital for workers abroad?
• A valid Egyptian passport.
A valid residence document for the detainee abroad.
• The applicant must be at least 21 years old.
• The applicant is not entitled to reserve more than one unit.
• The applicant is not entitled to apply in later stages of the project if a unit is allocated to it.
• Not taking precedence over allocation in any unit within the social housing program.