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Aug 15,2021

10 things you do not know about Azar Compound, Fifth Settlement

We will now talk about one of the largest and most prestigious compounds in New Cairo. Azzar Compound is inspired by the idea of ​​the American city of California, or what the Golden City can bear, as they resemble each other in many things such as green spaces, artificial lakes, and delicate designs, and contain a modern glimpse and We cannot forget the services, facilities and recreational areas. All this and more will be found in the azar of New Cairo

About the executing company of Azzar Compound New Cairo

Azzar Compound was built in the Fifth Settlement by Ready Group, one of the cosmetics companies, but it is not the real outlet.
Also, this company is distinguished by the fact that it does all the designs and implements them according to international standards
One of the projects of Dora Company
Zayed 2000 Compound,
And Zayed Heights Compound
Dora Company has designed about 35% of the mega projects, which are located in Sheikh Zayed City
More than 27 towers inside Dubai
13 towers in Qatar

 What is the area of ​​the azar project in the Fifth Settlement?

The project was built on a plot of land of 25 acres near the Golden Square area

What is the location of Azzar Compound Fifth Settlement?

Azzar Compound is located in the Golden Square area on Al-Nawadi Street
Azzar Compound is located near the 90 Street
It is located directly in front of the Mountain View 2 compound
• Azar Compound is 10 minutes away from the American University
• It is about 18 minutes away from Cairo Airport
• It is also about 25 minutes from Heliopolis and Nasr City
It is about 3 minutes away from Al Rehab
It is 15 minutes away from Suez Road
It is 8 minutes away from the new capital

 What are the features and services of Azzar Compound?

Azzar Compound contains an area like the beach, and in this area there is an aqua park
A special maintenance team in the compound is ready throughout the day
Swimming pools in the floating lighthouse area, which is a low-gravity area
Parks and public gardens
Trailers for people and bikes
big mall
Restaurants and cafes area
The gym contains a special area for children and games for them
A large outdoor screen to display important matches and favorite movies amidst the green spaces

 As for the interior spaces of the residential units and their prices, they are as follows:

Villas space starts from 325 m² up to 495 m².
Twin house spaces 315 m2.
• Twin House units separated from each other by a distance of 85 m
• The twin houses have a view of about 4 acres, landscaping, green spaces and artificial lakes.

As for the prices, they are as follows

• Villas prices start from 14,200,000 pounds
• Twin house prices start from 11,900,000 pounds

Townhouse for sale in Azzar Compound, the Fifth Settlement, containing 5 bathrooms + 5 bedrooms, an area of ​​255 square meters, at a price of 5,400,000 EGP

 As for payment and payment methods?

A down payment of 5% of the total unit and the rest over 6 years