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Apartment For Sale 91m madinty ,
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Apartment For Rent 103m In Madinaty ,
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فيلا للبيع كاملة التشطيب فى مدينتى
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Apartment Fully Finished in Madianty
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Nov 23,2019

What are the details madinaty and its advantages and disadvantages?

What are the details madinaty and its advantages and disadvantages?

madinaty is an integrated city located east of Cairo where construction began in 2006 and the project is divided into several stages where the first phase was completed in 2013 by developer Talaat Mustafa where the area of ​​my city 8000 acres or about 33.600.000 square meters and is expected to inhabit about 800,000 people The budget has been allocated by the developer for Madinaty project about 70 billion Egyptian pounds.

Location madinaty city
• Madinaty is an extension of the city of New Cairo east of Cairo governorate on the road to Cairo-Suez in km 33 in front of the entrance No. 2 to the city of Sunrise
• madinaty is located on the regional ring road in front of the new administrative capital directly
• madinaty rises from the sea surface by about 270 meters, which makes moderate temperatures throughout the year and the city is set up a width of 4.5 kilometers and a depth of 10 kilometers.

What are the services offered by Madinaty?

1- Commercial centers
Talaat Moustafa submitted to Madinaty many shopping malls that provide comfort, entertainment and shopping. The shopping malls are designed to meet the needs of customers from both inside and outside the project.This makes shopping fun and divides the commercial areas into multiple areas. Central housing units to meet the needs of the inhabitants madinaty and the daily ones in complex shopping malls that provide great services of entertainment and shopping in open spaces that serve the residents of Madinaty and beyond.

2- Educational schools
Madinaty has many international educational schools that serve the residents madinaty, which makes Madinaty an integrated city at the highest level. These schools, for example, the British International School and Madinaty Language School, there are many nurseries for the city's children.

3- Medical centers
To make madinaty the highest international style did not forget the developer of the project Talaat Moustafa natural centers equipped at the highest level, which includes sections for surgery and centers for childbirth and newborns and dental clinics and nose and ear throat clinics and eye clinics and most of the medical specialties, which work throughout the day all days of the week and do not forget the beauty clinics Which cares about women.

4- Transport services
Do not forget the transportation services to serve the residents madinaty, which is indispensable, which is the most distinctive thing in madinaty, there is a network of internal and external transport for the project, the developer established a strong road network serving the project and its residents
• Rehab city line, which connects the two cities with some.
• Madinaty - Nasr City line which serves the residents of Nasr City.
• Madinaty line - Saray Al Qubba, which serves the area of ​​Saray Al Qubba, Demerdash and Hadayek Al Qubba.
• Madinaty - Heliopolis line which serves Heliopolis area.

5- Cleanliness of the city and protection of the environment
• Residential buildings are designed on the highest international level to suit the health of the population such as the entry of the sun and good ventilation, which makes the health of the population in the first place.
• The owner of Madinaty has established a company to implement a garbage recycling system that makes Madinaty the first project in Egypt to implement this system which aims to protect the ecosystem and protect human health.
• Do not forget the many green spaces in the project and overlooking all residential units, which purify the air from the exhaust of cars and others, which aims to make human health in the first place.

6- Diversity of housing in my city
Madinaty provides apartments for sale in Madinaty. There are villas for sale in Madinaty. Madinaty also features the largest international restaurants such as: Hardee's, KFC. Pizzahut, Chicken Tech, and McDonald's also have restaurants that offer Lebanese, Syrian and Italian dishes.

7- Many other services
The project also has a lot of other services that serve the internal community such as mosques and churches, international hotels, a center for car services, special areas for sports and sports clubs ...... and others.

madinaty Real estate developer
Talaat Moustafa Group is a real estate developer for the cities of Al Rehab and other residential projects. It is one of the most successful and best real estate companies in Egypt, but in the Middle East, which has succeeded in proving itself among the largest real estate developers in a short period of time. And exterior in terms of style and spaces to serve all editions of society
Talaat Moustafa Group is a group of about 21 companies that work in various fields such as real estate and tourism, contracting and construction, public investments, agriculture and their products ...........etc.
Madinaty is not the only residential project created by Talaat Moustafa Group.There are many residential projects such as San Stefano Grand Plaza, Rabwa Compound, Al Rehab, Nile Plaza, Four Seasons, May Fair Compound… etc.

Project phases and residential units

1- Apartments
The buildings are designed on the highest level in a global style and different spaces that meet all the needs of the community of small and large spaces in all roles and begin spaces from 42 m 2 up to 324 m 2 and designed the ground floor to have its own garden and enjoy all residential units to provide elevators and apartments are designed to be more than a destination for the population to enjoy The greatest amount of ventilation and green spaces.

Stages of apartments
Phase I, Phase II, Phase III, Phase VI, Phase VIII, Phase VIII, Phase X, Phase XI, Phase XII.

Prices of apartments in Madinaty for sale
Prices vary in Madinaty in terms of payment method Cash facilities
Prices start from square meters in apartments for sale in madinaty from 12500 pounds up to 15000 Egyptian pounds cash
Prices start per square meter in apartments for sale in madinaty New Cairo from 20,000 pounds up to 25,000 Egyptian pounds facilities up to 15 years

Prices of apartments for rent in Madinaty
Apartments for rent in Madinaty start from 3000 LE up to 20.000 EGP / month according to the area of ​​apartments starting from 42 m2 up to 350 m2

2 - Villas
The project developers do not forget the community status of residential villas designed on the highest level in terms of style and interior divisions and overlooking the vast green areas and golf courses. In each villa.

The stages in which the villas are located
Phase 1: Golf Villas, Phase 2: Golf Heights, Phase 4: Golf Area, Phase 5: Villas, VG3: Villas.

Prices of villas for sale in Madinaty
Prices vary in Madinaty in terms of payment method Cash facilities

For villas
Villa prices for sale in Madinaty start from 8 million pounds cash
The prices of Villa for sale in Madinaty from 12.000.000 pounds with facilities up to 10 years.

Prices of villas for rent in Madinaty
Prices for villas for rent in Madinaty start from 15000 LE up to 50.000 Egyptian pounds / month according to wipes which start from 250 m2 up to 1500 m2.

For Twin House
Prices of Twin House in Madinaty for sale start from 4 million pounds cash
Twin house prices in Madinaty for sale start from 8 million with facilities up to 10 years.

Prices of Twin House for rent in Madinaty
Twin House for rent in Madinaty El Shorouk starting from 15000 LE up to 20,000 LE / month

3 - shops
Commercial centers and shops are an opportunity for investment, especially in an area such as Madinaty, which will be inhabited by more than 600 thousand people. Malls, shopping and entertainment shops are the only outlet for Madinaty residents.
The shopping malls are designed with the latest shopping requirements in the world. These commercial districts are divided into areas in the middle of the residential areas to provide the daily needs of residents in addition to other areas grouped in different parts of the city, where large services are provided in a fun atmosphere both in shopping areas.

Prices of shops for sale in Madinaty
Prices of shops for sale in Madinaty start from 3.400.000 LE depending on the areas that start from 76 m2 up to 600 m2.

Shop prices for rent in Madinaty
Shop prices for rent in Madinaty start from 35000 Egyptian pounds and up to 150000 Egyptian pounds depending on areas and places

4- Medical clinics
Medical centers and clinics are spread in Madinaty to provide an integrated community, life and health care. The clinic spaces vary from 100 m2 up to 300 m2.

Clinics prices for sale in Madinaty
Clinic prices for sale in madinaty of 4.100.000 and up to 10.000.000 depending on the areas, which start from 86 m 2 and up to 120 m 2.

Clinic prices for rent in Madinaty
Clinic prices for rent in Madinaty start from 15.000 up to 50.000 Egyptian pounds according to the smears, which ranges from 42 m2 up to 150 m2.

Remarkable prices of course for the last price in the first quarter of 2019 and for the last shown Visit and search on our Property Uno.

Disadvantages of the Madinaty project
After the visit of businessman Hisham Talaat Mustafa to the surprise project after the residents of my city complained about some things, namely:
• The spread of stray dogs and scalding in the streets
• Deterioration of finishing and humidity conditions in residential units
• Lack of interest in gardens and agriculture
• Security and guarding
Accordingly, the owner of the project Talaat Mustafa tweeted on Twitter and took some measures that will be mentioned later.

The latest amendments are expected to be made in order to improve the city of Madinaty, according to the owner of the Madinaty project and businessman Hisham Talaat Mustafa that 2018-2019 is scheduled to make several changes and amendments to Madinaty, namely:
• The work of the club in the city will be completed
• The Champs Elysees will be completed.
• A high-quality security system will be adopted to scan the glass of cars belonging to the residents of madinaty and tenants due to the budget of the residents of madinaty or entry cards in order to raise the level of safety of madinaty.
• Integrated Medical City in Madinaty
• Improvements are planned for the entrances of some neglected buildings in Madinaty.
• Many of the existing services will be completed in the two cities such as: Mall, Carrefour, which is nearing completion.
• It is planned to provide the number of gates for the cities to facilitate the entry of traffic to and from madinaty.
• Roads in Madinaty will be re-paved and coordinated.
• A high-quality security system will be installed on all city gates.
• It is planned to activate a special security system for visitors to madinaty