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El Shorouk City

El Shorouk City,

Al Patio East 5, For Sale Twinhouse 296m
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Nov 08,2019

The best real estate opportunities in the city of Shorouk and city features

The best real estate opportunities in El Shorouk City and the city features
It is one of the new cities in Cairo Governorate. It is located northeast of Cairo in Kilo 37 in Cairo-Ismailia road.

Do you know that the city of Shorouk is a developed city?
Shorouk City is one of the newly developed areas in Egypt, built to ease congestion in downtown Cairo, and to raise the standard of living of citizens by creating new job opportunities.
In the industrial projects to be constructed within El Shorouk City, El Shorouk City is easily accessible via several main roads, namely Suez Road, Ring Road, Ismailia Road and Desert Road.
The urban planning of Shorouk City provides plots of land for educational, commercial, cultural, religious, health and recreational services, which in fact increases the demand for villas for sale in Shorouk City.
Shorouk is a fully integrated community that offers a variety of services and facilities to meet the different needs and desires of the people and includes a variety of successful projects, such as the Arab Open University and Shorouk Academy.
The Lebanese University and the French University in Egypt, as well as the presence of Green Hills Club, Heliopolis Sports Club and Al Shorouk Club.
Shorouk City offers residents a variety of properties ranging from villas, twin houses and houses to duplexes, penthouses, apartments and studios.
Villas for sale in Shorouk City are among the most popular properties among the elite Egyptians who aim to own a home away from the busy and bustling city.
You might ask yourself: Where can I find the best places to look for villas there? "The answer is this: Al Shorouk compounds are the best option to look for where you can find civilization.
A healthy lifestyle, breathtaking views of greenery and beautiful landscapes, plus diverse services and facilities designed to meet your needs and requirements.
In addition, villas for sale in Al Shorouk are reasonably priced compared to those in other residential compounds.
Through this article we will discuss the identification of the most important characteristics of the city of Al Shorouk and its characteristics.

The most important features of the city
The city is an ideal choice for anyone who is upset and overwhelmed by the population within the capital, but does not want to move away from it.
At Property Uno we have compiled the best features within Shorouk City that make you want to move to now.

The best universities and schools in Egypt
Shorouk hosts two of the best international universities in Egypt: the British University and the French University.
This is easily ensured that your children will not resort to spending their entire childhood riding the means to schools and universities that are usually not close to home.

Sports clubs in Shorouk City
The city adds many sports clubs that are ideal for residents and the Shorouk City community.
These include Heliopolis Sports Club, Shorouk Sports Club, and Green Hills Club.
After we have written in this article a brief overview of the most important features of the city of Shorouk we will move the location and area of ​​the city of Sunrise: -

Shorouk City location
It is very easy to reach the city of Shorouk, from many entrances on the Cairo-Suez road, or Cairo-Ismailia road, but the public transportation available to it, is limited compared to Nasr City or Heliopolis.
The 37-kilometer stretch of the Ismaili-Misr Road is located on the eastern side of the city of Heliopolis, and about five kilometers from the city of Rehab.

Space Shorouk city

The city of Shorouk is located on an area of ​​11.9 thousand acres, and the population occupies 9 thousand acres, of the total area of ​​the city.
As for the area of ​​living activity in El Shorouk, it amounts to about 6.9 thousand fedans and is divided into several neighborhoods and many areas and contains all of the public facilities such as maintenance patrols, infrastructure, gas, electricity, etc.

Residential neighborhoods in Shorouk
Shorouk has all levels of living, there are also plots of land for housing individuals, tourist resorts and investment companies, and many apartments and villas for sale and rent, while for service activities, the area of ​​service activities is about 1500 acres with all the facilities, sports parks, recreational activities, etc. .

Did you know that Sunrise is an eco-friendly city?
At Shorouk you can not worry about the problem of environmental pollution, as there are no industrial zones inside the city, which Shorouk a healthy lifestyle.
Shorouk City is located a few minutes from the heart of the capital, although you will enjoy the tranquility of Shorouk City, it will also remain a few minutes away from New Cairo and the new administrative capital.
This explains why investing in Al Shorouk is the best decision you can make, and in this city the best medical care you can get in one of Cairo's most famous medical centers: the International Medical Center, minutes from Al Shorouk City.
This contributed to maintaining the medical well-being of the population, in accordance with international standards.

Everything to help you find an apartment for sale in Shorouk City

Apartments in Shorouk
With the continued population growth in Egypt, the number of housing projects has grown, in the past ten years, Egypt has witnessed a huge boom in a number of housing developments throughout the land through new complexes, the launch of entirely new cities and through land reclamation.
Shorouk City is one of the first new cities to be established in Greater Cairo.
Established in 1995, it was just a desert except for some industrial projects and condominiums.
People were not really interested in moving there because of its location on the Cairo-Ismailia road and a general lack of services and facilities.

As a result, the price of apartments in El Shorouk was low, luring many people to invest and buy apartments in the future
However, improvements have been made to the local area surrounding El Shorouk which has led to increased demand and the number of apartments for sale that investors wanted to take advantage of.
However, the problem of overpopulation in downtown areas has not been alleviated as expected.

The government had a duty to make a plan to encourage apartment owners to move - rather than just an owner / investor.
The plan was to encourage big developers to start building new residential complexes and housing units in Shorouk City that would provide a high quality standard of living for the population at affordable prices.

Luxury apartments in Shorouk City
Major shopping malls and other facilities have been developed and this has successfully attracted people to the area to find affordable apartments for sale.

There were many educational and medical entities established there such as Shorouk General Hospital, Shorouk Academy, British University and French University to name a few.
Along with some entertainment centers such as: Sunrise Club, Auto Cinema and Hypermarket.

The city has seen an improvement in the number and quality of housing units built to suit all residents with different tastes and budgets.
There are 5,000 economical housing units for young people, ranging from EGP 150,000 to EGP 400,000.
There are about 21,000 middle class housing units ranging from EGP 400,000 to EGP 700,000 and luxury vehicles such as Le Park Complex, El Patio Shorouk Complex and Shorouk Gardens. Prices of apartments start from one million pounds.

Property prices in El Shorouk City
Average price per square meter in Shorouk:
Apartments for sale in Shorouk City: 4600 pounds per square meter.
Villa For Sale in El Shorouk City Compounds: 11600 EGP Per Square Meter.

The prices of villas and apartments in El Shorouk are unbelievable!
With the same price that you can buy an apartment in New Cairo, you can buy an integrated villa in Shorouk! So why neglect your dream of having the most beautiful gardens, a swimming pool, and a spacious place for your pets, when you can get all that now?
Shorouke is never crowded.
The expansion of the population and the redistribution of people is the only solution to its pressure in Cairo, and so by moving to Shorouk City, you are on the way to living in the quiet and wonderful city of the future.

From apartments, duplexes and penthouses to twin houses and independent villas, you can find many varieties in the Sunrise City area to suit your needs.
Since it has grown the city of Shorouk to be the new destination for the people of Egypt with more people moving every day.

Where to find the best villas for sale in Shorouk City?

Beverly Hills Sunrise is one of the most luxurious complexes in Shorouk City
 It is the best choice for the elite Egyptians looking for a good quality of life.
Villas for sale in Beverly Hills Shorouk are luxurious and spacious and come with 7 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms plus a variety of modern amenities and amenities.
They come with an average price of 15,000,000 pounds,

Lee Park is one of the prestigious complexes in Shorouk City
Le Park is strategically located in Shorouk City, one of the best locations there.
Only 15 minutes from Cairo International Airport and 25 minutes from Heliopolis. This is the first solar-powered complex.
Where Lee Park Shorouk villas for sale combine luxury, simplicity and privacy, you might ask yourself "What are the sizes of villas per square meter there?" Lee Park Villas come in different sizes ranging from 318 to 372 meters.

Villa for Sale in Zizinia Flowers
 Zizinia Flowers El Shorouk is a fully integrated residential community in El Shorouk City designed to meet the needs of all residents in a quiet modern lifestyle.
Hosts a variety of services and facilities ranging from beautiful landscapes to nursery and club.
Providing this complex with a quiet and healthy lifestyle where the vast green areas occupy 70% of the complex, Zizinia Flowers Shorouk Villas for sale is affordable compared to other complexes; Villa in Zizinia Flowers with an average price of 3,500,000 pounds.
If you're on a budget and are looking for villas with unique designs, different styles and more amenities, then Shorouk City will be your final destination.
Consisting of more than 10 different models totaling 283 unique villas, in terms of facilities, the project includes a mosque, swimming pools, recreational facilities, business centers and a social and sports club.
For this reason, many people prefer to search for villas for sale in Shorouk Compounds.

However, Al Patio is the best choice for those looking for affordable villas, and it comes with a variety of modern amenities such as a shared swimming pool, shared gym, security, stunning views of the landscape, water features and landmarks.
Villas for sale in El Patio Shorouk with an average price of 2,500,000 EGP.
For this reason, it is considered a magnet for everyone.
Get to know the best Shorouk City compounds

1 - residential units in the compound Divina Gardens
Divina Gardens Compound is located near Heliopolis Club, on an area of ​​26 acres, including 18% built up area and 82% for the greenery.It is characterized by providing privacy for owners to provide them with complete comfort.The compound contains many services:
• 24-hour security.
• Maintenance service.
• Children's play area.
• Restaurant, supermarket, spa.
• Swimming pools, gymnasiums.
• Housekeeping services.
• Running and bicycle routes.
• Divina Gardens Compound contains a variety of residential units such as: (detached villa, townhouse, twin house, Grand Townhouse) with many areas starting from 245 m².

2 - Villas for sale in Shorouk Gardens compound
El Shorouk Gardens Compound is located on Suez Road in front of Madinaty on an area of ​​35 acres.This compound is characterized by tranquility and privacy, and large green areas around the residential units, and many entertainment services.It also has easy access to it because it is in a great location near the Suez Road. Shorouk Gardens many services such as:
• 24-hour security.
• Social club, health units.
• Shopping mall.
• Green areas.
• The residential units of Al Shorouk Gardens vary between (separate villas, apartments, townhouses and twin houses) with different sizes starting from 227 m².

3- Shops for sale in Life Mall
Life Mall is a commercial building located in El-Shorouk city on the road (Egypt - Suez) next to the British University, close to my city, and the new administrative capital.
This mall contains a lot of services, for the convenience of customers and shop owners, namely:
• Security and surveillance cameras.
• Units are delivered with full finishing.
• Fire extinguishing system.
• Central air conditioning, water tank.
• Bathrooms, escalators.
• Brands on the facade, electric doors for shops.
• Many garages, restaurants
• Special phones for each unit and electronic cards.
• Private water and electricity for each property.

Finally, if you are looking for properties for sale in El Shorouk City, check out Property Uno and you'll find a variety of uniquely designed properties with the best spaces and prices.